Ghost is a blogging platform that you can host in your own web server or allow the company to host it for yourself to save time and stress (and to just focus on writing post). Think about it as a WordPress blog that has been tear down to the basic functionality like write post, tag them and no more like that.

"Ghost is a platform dedicated to one thing: Publishing." Ghost's About page

But if you're reading this it means that you already knows Ghost, you already have a blog hosted by them under an URL like, and you already know it can cause you a big headache to configure your custom domain to point to your blog using both the www and non-www version of your domain and not just one as Ghost seems to allow.

I fought with this problem when I created this blog, so probably what I experience can help somebody.

CloudFlare DNS and Page Rules configuration

Let's assume you have the domain and you want to point it to Also, let's go a even forward and assume you already add your custom domain to CloudFlare because the main problem here is to make both www and non-www work (because Ghost already explain how to get only one of them working).

DNS settings

Access your domain DNS setting in order to create a new CNAME record that points your subdomain www to your Ghost blog URL.

  • Type: CNAME
  • Name: www
  • Value / Domain name:

You can take a look at my configuration in the image below. The first row is the one that matters for this tutorial, and the others are used to make Google Apps works (so I can have my email hosted by Google).

DNS settings to point www and non-www to Ghost using CloudFlare

It's very important that the configured CNAME goes through the CloudFlare servers, which means that the cloud icon at the last column should be orange as the image shows.

Page Rules setting

Lucky us CloudFlare provides a way to configure page rules to redirect somebody who types some URL to another desire URL. In this case we want to redirect the non-www version of our domain ( to the www version of it (

Add a new rule for the URL pattern*, set the Forwarding option to ON, enter$1 as URL destination, and finally set the Forwarding type as Permanent - 301.

Look at my page rule for this blog to get things even more clear.

Page Rule configuration to redirect non-www URLs to www version

Probably you're wondering about the * and $1 on the URLs. They are there to match whatever comes after the domain without www in order to add the same to the www sub-domain once the redirection takes place.

For example, with this page rule as described, when somebody types it's going to be translated to No visitor is left behind with this configuration.

Ghost Custom Domain configuration

Finally, this whole CloudFlare setup will make sense if you go back to your Ghost blog configuration in order to set the www version of your domain as the Custom Domain of your blog.

Ghost blog configuration using www as Custom Domain

That's all it takes to have both and working with your Ghost blog.

If you can't see the results, meaning the redirection is not working for you, first take a break because it could take some minutes to take effect, or blame the cache of your browser (clean your browser cache and try again, or simple change the browser you are using).